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Note: Donations to VCV, a 501(c)4 nonprofit, are not tax-deductible.

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There are many ways you can financially support Vermont Conservation Voters:

  • Recurring gift: give a small amount once a month. 
  • Making a Stock Gift
  • Annually, through gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other publicly traded securities.
  • On a more long-term basis through planned giving. Planned giving refers to the process of making a charitable gift of estate taxes to a nonprofit organization. It is a type of charitable giving which provides the donor with significantly greater financial and tax advantages than an outright transfer of money or property. Planned giving offers donors a powerful opportunity to express their hopes and dreams for Vermont's future.

Your gift will ensure VCV remains a strong and effective voice for Vermont's environment for generations to come. For more information on planned giving please contact Stephanie Mueller, Development Director at (802) 223-2328 or